Yes, Monroe Circle Community Center is poppin’ this summer. And Son City Kids are leading the charge with the

GSM student hanging with one of our Son City Kids

After-school summer program filled with learning with fun events planned throughout the summer, Sports with baseball and soccer, Springhill Day Camp, Crooked Creek Ranch outing, and…and…and…

One of our Son City Kids parents told us that they were afraid that there wouldn’t be enough activities for their kids to do this summer. For example, because of budget cuts, the South Bend School Corporation will not be offering summer school this year. As a result, a lot of kids will be “…out…doing nothing.” But not on our watch. Our Son City Kids leadership and volunteers has dedicated their lives to come along side the parents in the Monroe Circle and Edison garden’s community to help with their children. Ken Cooper (a.k.a. Coop), our SCK point leader at MC3, said it best when a parent, showing her gratitude said, “You don’t have to do this. These are not your kids.” Coop shot back, “they are OUR kids.”

Coop congratulating team on their win.

To accomplish the task ahead of us we need more volunteers; Men, Women, Boys, and Girls who are passionate about showing at-risk children and their parents how much they matter to God by “coming along side” this community to help where we can.

To find out more about how you can participate this summer in making an impact in a kids life, please attend one of two MC3 Son City Kids Summer Program Orientation/Info meeting this coming Monday, June 6th at Monroe Circle Community Center located at 526 Western Ave South Bend, In. The first meeting will be at 12 noon. The second meeting will begin at 6:30pm.

For more information, contact us at, or click on the volunteer button located on this blog’s home page.

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