Monroe Circle Community Center

A place where neighbors love neighbors.

Who We Are

MC3_OurStoryBuilt in the 1900s, the entire South Bend block of 500 Western Avenue was at one time the hub of business, social and spiritual activity. Recently renovated and historically restored, Monroe Circle Community Center (MC3) has quickly become the cornerstone for renewal in this neighborhood.

Our goal? That everyone living in the Monroe Circle community will know their value and take steps toward a full and meaningful life. We seek community transformation through strong family units, decreased crime rates and decreased high school drop out rates. As a whole, our vision is that Monroe Circle be transformed into a vibrant community that cares for, dignifies, equips and guides each other. We want to empower the community so that it is self-initiating, taking ownership and leadership of its continued transformation.

Learn about our history and mission, visit the About page.

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